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More than anyone I know, Auggie is a pedagogue par excellence. I have seen him expertly mentor students in the art of academic and professional writing, and have benefited from his expertise myself. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that I owe my place at one of the nation’s top PhD programs to his close reading of my statement of intent and his instructive feedback. Then, as I worked and reworked drafts of various fellowship applications, Auggie helped me find the right tone for each one. At the more advanced levels of higher education, one can be forgiven for thinking that one has already mastered the art of effective writing. It takes a professional like Auggie to realize how much more there is to it. Thank you Auggie!
Mohsin R.
Doctoral Candidate
August’s editing and writing advice was incredibly helpful for me as a Master’s student at the University of Chicago. While I already considered myself to be a strong writer before August’s help, there seemed to be nothing I could bring to him that he wouldn’t find a way to improve. August was, of course, very skilled at finding and correcting minor errors, but more importantly he astutely identified deeper patterns and bad habits that led to much personal growth in my own writing ability. His insight into various different types of writing, both academic and professional, undoubtedly assisted me in my Master’s program, as well as in my (successful!) PhD applications. Thank you, Dr. Auggie!
C.R. Durkin
Doctoral Student
I reached out to Auggie to read through my application materials for law school. He quickly read through, edited and reformatted my letters. With his help, I was admitted to one of the most elite law schools in the country! I’d recommend Auggie for any and all editing needs.
Omeed V.
I approached Dr. Auggie to help me with the statement of purpose I was writing for my upcoming PhD applications. After consulting with him, I wrote my first draft and sent it out, expecting to see a couple of points where I might need some changes or editing. Instead I got back a wall of red-marked text! I was shocked but took his suggestions seriously, sent out my second draft, and again Dr. Auggie gave tough but necessary feedback for every inch of my writing. This repeated until I ended up with a succinct, professionally written, amazing statement of purpose. We even created versions with different word counts for my various applications. If you want someone with experience who can truly put his critical eye to work helping you, Dr. Auggie is the one to do it!
O. Klein, ABD PhD
August has been a lifesaver when it has come to proofreading my papers. When I first started college, I was really bad at writing. Over many years and reading countless papers, August has helped me not only write cohesive thoughts, but has also inadvertently taught me how to use proper grammar. Aside from proofreading essays, August proofread many of my graduate school applications. I would highly recommend him for all of your proofreading needs.
C.S. Ceitlin, MSW
Social Worker
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