What does purchasing a service mean?

Once payment and submission of your document is received, you can expect a 24-96-hour turn around of your work, which will include (1) a marked up copy of your document(s) and (2) a clean copy with edits completed but not showing.

How long does editing take?

Depending on the length of your document, edits can take as long as 96 hours. Shorter documents typically take 24-48 hours; longer documents usually take 48-96 hours.

What if I need an editing service that isn’t listed in The Shop?

No problem! Send me an email (gradappguru@gmail.com) about your needs, and I will guide you through the purchase process.

Can I submit multiple documents?

Yes, as long as multiple services have been purchased, you can submit all of your documents at once.

How should I submit my documents?

Documents should be submitted in Word (.doc or .docx) format to gradappguru@gmail.com after you have completed your payment.

What do you do with my documents after you’ve completed editing services?

If you’ve purchased a 2-round service, I will keep your documents on hand until the entire service has been completed. Once service is done, your documents will be deleted. I will not retain copies.

Will you share my work with anyone?

Luna Stalinstache, the Cat, might sleep on my keyboard from time to time, but she’s good at keeping secrets. Otherwise, nobody else will see your documents, and I will not discuss your documents with anyone.

Do you only provide edits and proofreading?

No. I read for content as well, so if there is something that doesn’t make sense or if there is a spot that needs elaboration, I will tell you.

Can you rewrite my paper, cover letter, or CV?

Well, it depends what you mean by “rewrite.” I correct and provide suggestions to make your work read more clearly, but I do not “rewrite” by creating new content or changing everything about your original work.

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